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The questionnaire is divided into Skill and Experience sections. Answer each as honestly as possible, and the resulting Zuluru rating should be fairly accurate. When answering questions regarding relative skills, compare yourself to the average of all people playing the sport, not only those that you regularly compete against.

The calculated value will be entered on the Zuluru profile editing form.

Skill Questions:

1. Compared to other players of the same sex as you, would you consider yourself:
2. How would you describe your throwing skills?
3. How would you rate your catching skills?
4. With respect to playing defense, you:
5. With respect to playing offense, you:

Experience Questions:

6. For how many years have you been playing Ultimate?
7. What is the highest level at which you regularly play?
8. Over the past few summers, how many nights during the week did you play Ultimate? (Organized practices and regular pick-up count.)
9. Over the past few years, when did you normally play Ultimate?
10. If there was a disagreement on the field about a certain play, the majority of the time you would be able to:

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